Hi. I'm Kevin

I’m Kevin, and I am a person living in Austin Texas. I like making odd things to share with my friends, and this is a place for sharing those things. During the day, I work on seller tools at Bandcamp and the rest of the time, I futz around with music and I read some books. I make games sometimes. I'm trying to think of this as a “notebook” rather than a very public place.


📆 2022-02-07

Blocko is a client-server falling blocks game. Blocko is a rust library that knows how to play a certain familiar game where you try to make lines to make the fallen blocks go away. Blocko is a Telnet daemon running at blocko.kevkev.dev.

At first I called this thing “Tetrix,” but it seems to me like the name is too similar to a certain registered trademark and all that. So now it's called “Blocko.”

Maybe one day, I’ll make more Blocko middlewares. Right now, you can only interact with Blocko via Telnet.

The circle

📆 2022-02-07

This is one Nik and I worked on together, for Ludum Dare 47. It was a fun project! I kept trying to make the game harder by messing around with the controls, and he kept trying to make it easier and more approachable. I made the music and sound, some of the graphics (I think I figured out how to make the shaders for shiny surfaces on the loops), Nik figured out how to make the spaceship follow any 3D path (though in our release for the jam, it only follows a looping path)and he knows what a “quaternion” is 🤷‍♀️. We borrowed the code to generate the starfield from a dentist office’s website.

People liked this game!